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Cremona is one of the most active and dynamic provinces of the Italian northern region of Lombardia, an area considered one of the driving forces of Europe and the most economically evolved of the country.

Cremona’s distinctive feature is its consolidated production tradition that can boast a robust network of SMEs that typifies Italy’s development model and can count on numerous excellent performances in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors. In addition, Cremona is one of Italy’s leading centres for musical artistic production, the most distinctive of which being the violin making for which it is considered the world centre of excellence.





The Chamber of Commerce of Cremona is a public body that performs a complete range of activities for the support and enhancement of the development of Cremona Province.

The Chamber plays a key role in the promotion and sustainable growth, as well as it develops appropriate local governance strategies, national and international partnership and alliances. Furthermore, the Chamber is particularly proactive in the field of energy (promotion of efficiency models and renewable energy) innovation, including exchange of good practice at local, regional and European level, with an inclusive approach of the Civil Society in the development processes.

The Chamber has strong institutional linkages and a track record of exemplary actions undertaken in teamwork with the Province and Regional Governments. This is the outcome of framework agreements, such as The Framework Agreement for the Province Development (that includes all the relevant stakeholders of the territory) or the Framework Agreement between the Lombardy Region Government and the Lombardy Region Chambers of Commerce. Framework Agreements are strategic and operational tools aimed at ensuring a sustainable roadmap for the development of the province.

Finally, Cremona and its territory have been inextricably tied to music for the last 500 years. Cremona was the birthplace of Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri - famed luthiers, and their priceless works are conserved in the Bowed String Instrument Collection in the Town Hall. In this concenr since musical tourism appears to be a sector in rapid expansion - according to United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the Cremona Chamber of Commerce organises every year the Musical Tourism Workshop that aims to allow tour operators working in musical tourism in an international context to meet each other.

In this scenario, the Cremona Chamber of Commerce plays a vital role in terms of crosscutting interaction at district scale, since the Chamber institutionally covers the entire province and manages a complex outreach system that encompasses and links the socio-economic and cultural environments.



The Cremona Chamber of Commerce is partner of the following EU co-funded project:

HoCare 2.0 is a three-year EU-funded project under the Programme Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE. Started in April 2019, the Project will end in March 2022. The HoCare2.0 project fosters the delivery and deployment of highly innovative solutions for social and health home-care through co-creation approaches. It will systematically change innovation ecosystems and shift them towards "Open Innovation 2.0". The fact that by 2060, every third European will be over 65, makes the "Silver Economy" one of the fastest growing economic domains. Because many solutions for the elderly are ICT based and not yet well accepted by the care recipients, there is a growing need to involve them in the product design process.

Innovative solutions will be jointly designed in a co-creation lab, developed by local enterprises and deployed by public providers to ensure that the needs of care recipients are well understood and targeted.

The project will build co-creation labs and tools, set up a transregional network, design a common strategy and action plan, and draw a roadmap for the shift towards "Open Innovation 2.0". The developed and tested tools will help the regions to address challenges linked to the "Silver Economy" and boost the implementation of smart specialisation strategies.

Led by the Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency (Hungary), the Project Consortium involves 11 partners from 6 Central European countries: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Germany and Italy. Cremona Chamber of Commerce, together with Lombardy Region, are the 2 Italian partners

Further information is available here

Locandina Progetto HoCare2.0   RollUp Progetto HoCare 2.0


UrbanWINS Project (Urban metabolism accounts for building Waste management Innovative Networks and Strategies - HORIZON 2020) is a three-year EU-funded project that aims at developing and testing methods for designing and implementing eco-innovative strategic plans for waste prevention and management in 8 pilot cities: Cremona, Albano Laziale, Pomezia and Torino (Italy); Leiria (Portugal); Bucharest (Romania), and Manresa & Sabadell (Spain). A total of 27 partners are involved in UrbanWINS: from local authorities, to research bodies, universities, companies, and NGOs. Partners come from 7 European countries: Austria, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Sweden. The project co-ordinator is the Municipality of Cremona (Italy).

This heterogeneous partnership pursues to guarantee that the progress in the field of urban metabolism and waste management strategies is directly linked to stakeholder engagement and mutual learning, and contributes to the achievement of resource efficiency and waste management objectives.

Further information is available at (the project leaflet can be downloaded here)


In the recent years, the Cremona Chamber of Commerce has been partner of the following EU co-funded project:

CLIQ Project (Creating Local Innovation through a Quadruple Helix) (INTERREG IVC) focuses on the role of local authorities in medium sized cities in driving innovation to support the Lisbon goalsfor jobs and growth.


helps small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) optimise their energy use by developing a European network of Intelligent Energy advisors at Chambers of Commerceand Industry (CCIs) and by kick-starting/enhancing concrete assistance to SMEs.

ECOREGIONS  Project - INTERREG IVC - The project aims at improving the governance of eco-innovation and green technologies in the private sector (in particular SMEs) by transferring good practices based on the RUR@CT methodology and involving RUR@CT partners.

The Cremona Chamber of Commerce fosters the innovation processes with the support of the and the proactive involvement of the business sector, Universities and Research Centres, local, regional and national Authorities and the civil society.

The Cremona Chamber of Commerce has established an embedded Agency SERVIMPRESA ( that aims at contributing to the  economic and sustainable development of the territory, SERVIMPRESA is specialised in training and start of SMEs and provides support to other public and private stakeholders

The Cremona Chamber of Commerce is partner, co-founder or part of the management board of:


Postal and visiting address:

Cremona Chamber of Commerce
Piazza Stradivari 5
PHONE + 39 0372 4901
FAX +39 0372 490350


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